I’m finding it hard to believe this sweet little soul has been with us for one month already. She’s snuggled up in the moby wrap now against my chest, sleeping and chirping while I type and bounce on the ball. I’ve pretty much disappeared from the world outside (as expected and so happily accepting). Not much time for blogging or returning emails (if you’ve emailed me, THANK YOU!! I’ve appreciated them all and have responded in detail in my head, just not for real yet…) and when I do have time (like when she falls asleep) I’d simply prefer to stay close to her and watch her every mudra, hear her sweet-n-funny sounds, and feel her soft and squooshy skin. She’s doing so well…and a champion nurser…already gained 2 pounds!…and has grown the cutest, squeezable cheeks (refer again to above picture). She’s still on oxygen 24-7 to help out her lungs (minus the few minutes for the photo shoot) so I’ll be happy to finally attain ‘full-cheek-access’ in another week or two. Without a doubt, we have begun writing/living the deepest, most beautiful love story of our life.

So, yes, I am LOVING being her mom (insert a gazillion ! marks). There is so much to share, but it’s hard to put words to it all. My parents are visiting this week, too, which has been the best. It is so fun to watch them with Tulsi, AND an added bonus, they are helping Patrick to rock out the garden…digging/amending/planting the beds. My mom is great with Tulsi and is giving me a little time to write this post and work on a couple illustration jobs. Thanks you two!!

I also want to say a GIANT thanks for all the sweet words from everyone. They’ve been like little rainbows peering out from behind the mountains.

Ah, she’s giggling in her sleep right now, my favorite! If you click on her picture above, you’ll see her announcement on the birth center blog and our first family photo! I’m strill trying to finish writing her birth story and will post it some day… Hope you are all doing well! xojenny