I got the coolest belated first mother’s day gift in the mail last week : a one of a kind book entitled, “The Mom Book: Advice for Tulsi’s Mom”, written and illustrated by my niece Katie and her classmates. I was shocked! It’s the best thing to get home made presents, and this one goes down as one of the all time best for me. Last year I visited Truman Elementary in St. Louis. I read My Travelin’ Eye and talked with a few hundred aspiring author/illustrators about how I made my first book. It’s obvious that Katie’s then-Kindergarten-class is passionate about making books! Their words and pictures were sweet, unique, and made me giggle SO much. I know this book is going to help me be the best mom I can be to Tulsi! Thanks Mrs. Creech and all your students!

**ALL of the writing and illustrations are AWESOME. I just couldn’t scan them all in! I LOVED them all. Here are just some… Wouldn’t you agree they are very talented?! Click on image to zoom.