I’ve been a mom for two months now and feeling in such a nice groove with little Miss Tulsi. I’ve slowly dipped my toes back into freelance and am being very gentle about expectations for myself and time. Some days I have more time, others none, so I’m just going with the flow. Literally! It’s all about the milk flow!

This is a cropping from an illustration I just finished for a new client. I love working with new clients, and it’s fun when we can create a beautiful piece together without ever speaking to each other…email, when it works, can be the smoothest of charades. This butterfly garden is the first art I’ve made since Tulsi came. Her sweet self was the perfect inspiration, and Patrick, too. He has been going crazy with the garden, and our backyard has become the cool new hang out for the birds and butterflies and ladybugs in the hood. I have to say I’m missing the ‘labor’ of gardening this year, of digging in the dirt and smelling like dirt, but I kinda have the best of both worlds: a garden-rockstar of a husband and an awesome baby to snuggle with. Patrick hung a hammock for us, and it’s Tulsi and my new favorite place to nap to the lullaby of birdsong. Sigh.


Speaking of little birds…Tulsi is waking up and will be ready for more milk. Then play, then cuddle, then more milk, then nap, and THEN, I’ll get back to painting. XOj-mama