Ahhh! Finally, a moment to post a little something…Our days have been so full around here that I rarely have time to blog. I’m sure you can relate! Tulsi is 14 weeks old now and is the sweeetest. We are in such a nice groove, and i’m back at work on my book –yay!

Summer is such an incredible time on our land with the garden. So colorful and rich with life. Pure abundance. I’m just about turning green these days from all the greens I’ve been eating…salads with 10 different types of lettuces, steamed rainbow chard, red russian kale and buttery beet greens. I literally pee green. Hee. And this week came beets and sugar snap peas and purple carrots! Every meal is out of the garden! Here’s a little peak thru our gate…


Here are just some of the many colors and textures…It will be out of control soon when all the cut flowers bloom!


Last weekend we were fortunate to go on an all day herb walk with Frank Cook, a wise soul in the plant world and extensive traveler. He has studied with herbalists all over the world…I think he said he’s been to 53 countries…!! (As soon as Tulsi is big enough, we are out the door!) I was in and out of the conversations (Tulsi and I took time by the river and napped under some Aspens and TALL pines), but was still SO inspired by what he had to share…immune boosting teas from non-gill fungus on trees and wild greens to make wild pestos and healing plants for sore muscles and fevers. It’s endless! He spoke so gently in the woods and approached each plant with compassion and an openness for connection and learning. Really, every way he was and things he spoke of resonated so much with Patrick and me. We want to share all this with Tulsi…a deep respect and relationship with nature and plants.

I hope she is as excited about growing and eating her own food as we are! One really fun thing about our garden this summer is that we are swapping with local friends/farmers for what we aren’t growing yet, like corn, flower, beans, apples, peaches, etc. I’m hoping to get a group of friends to do some canning days, too, at the community kitchen…as well as making baby food!

Frank brought up the idea of eating local, a movement that has been happening for awhile now. And he asked a great question, NOT HOW MANY MILES, BUT HOW MANY FEET IS YOUR FOOD FROM YOUR DOOR?

More inspiration: Crimson Wing (a film our new neighbors just made for Disney! the trailer is stunning.)