Taking a moment in the garden with Tulsi to ‘pet’ her giant sunflower friend. I love how gentle she is with them and how she talks to them. Summer is sliding on by, and I’m not finding much time to blog these days — too busy bein’ with my baby! I’d love to write about our community garden-n-chai days and share all the yummy recipes we’ve been making, but when I do have a few minutes (during naps) I’m finding I’d rather practice yoga or walk in the woods or lie in the grass and pretend to dive into the sky and swim thru the clouds.

And thanks to Patrick I had a great day painting on my book! I’m so close (and yet I’ve been feeling so far from the finish). It’s amazing how good I feel though after just one day in my studio. These days are quite rare right now — how do other stay-at-home-work-at-home-Mamas do it??? I’d love to know.

Patrick is traveling for another 8 days soon (last time Tulsi and I had so much fun together, but let’s just say I was exhausted), but this time my mom is coming out…yay!!…for the main purpose of being with Tulsi so I can finish my book. My mom rocks the known universe. When she told me she was coming, she said, “ok, but you better work your butt off when I’m there.” And, she said she’d only take a small percentage of my royalties… Ha. Anything you want, Mom.

I’m so looking forward to that time, watching Tulsi with Grandma, eating from the garden that she and my dad helped turn and plant this year, seeing my book come full circle, and long walks and talks with my mom. Sometimes you just gotta ask for help, and this is one of those times I’m SO glad I did.