I can see it, Tulsi can, too. The light at the end of this long tunnel of a journey to finish the book I keep telling her I’m making for her. My mom is here this week and is helping me SO so much so I can paint, paint, paint. This is such a gift! THANK YOU, MOM! I was remembering tonight when I was in gradeschool and highschool…my mom would sit up LATE with me, helping me finish elaborate, ambitious art projects due the next day. She still ‘gets’ what my art means to me and is helping me late into the night…she’s up in the loft now as I work til midnight. (Sorry if I’m keeping you up, Mom.)

I just finished another spread. 3 more to go! Just cleaned a completely trashed studio and have the next illustration drawn up ready to paint tomorrow. Tulsi is sound asleep with a full milk belly, and I’m gonna go soak my achy toes now under the stars and watch the lightening storm out in the distant West. Hope you, too, are surrounded by supportive people who ‘help’ you make art (or do whatever it is you love to do.)

Above: my new studio intern I’ve always wanted. Below: a page in my process sketchbook for the illustration I just finished.