tulsieyes_sept09You are 5 1/2 months old now and the light of my life! Your papa’s, too, of course. You are strong and healthy — now 14+ pounds and 26 inches long! You are really content and as sweet as your photo captures. Ok, even sweeter.

If it was up to you, you’d be outside 100% of the time.  All 3 times we’ve walked in the rain, you squealed with delight, panted like a happy dog, and danced your dangling legs, while the raindrops tickled your face and hands. When we stroll, you sleep with a smile on your face. When we walk through the garden or woods, you open your arms wide, reaching out to touch the sunflowers, dhalias, daisies, asters, sage, and trees…and when you lie on your back, you raise your arms to the sky to try and touch the clouds. You are in total bliss watching anything that moves like the aspen leaves or the prayer flags.

I think you’re gonna be a little mountain goat because you are always on the move…rolling, wiggling, and dancing. Ahh, dancing…you love to dance with your angel, hanging from your ‘inside tree’, and Michael Franti is by far your favorite for afternoon dance parties.

Your laugh is my favorite sound in all the world, and sleeping snuggled up with you and smelling your milk breath is forever imprinted on my heart.

I am ALMOST finished making a book for you. I love when I am painting, and you and Papa stand next to me, watching. Your eyes follow my every move. You LOVE my messy but colorful palette and give me many smiles of approval. I can’t believe you’ll be 2 years old though (ug) by the time it’s actually out in stores! You inspire me so much, Tulsi! Have patience, little one — I’m going to make you a LOT of books in this lifetime, in’shallah.