Photographer (and Mama to Baby Arun) Rachel Movitz recently commissioned me to create a blog banner for her. She, her husband and baby Arun are headed back to India tomorrow for 3 months! Despite my book and other work deadlines, I snuck it into my late night schedule because I have had several dreams lately that we went back to India, too, with Tulsi (!). I am “too” excited for them! Since we don’t have plans anytime soon to go back, I’ll be living wildly thru her adventures documented on her blog, Mama India, Wandering Child.

I wanted the banner to have a fun, childlike feel along with India street, circusY life. India is an amazing place — especially for photographers and artists. Endless inspiration. I feel like I could have worked on this for a long time, adding more and creating different versions. Therefore, it was nice to have a quick turnaround on it so that I couldn’t keep noodling it. I think it turned out fun though, and it got me even more jazzed to focus on our Chai Pilgrimage book this winter.

Safe and beautiful travels you three!!!