I blinked, and another year happened.

Ten years ago, I traveled to Asia for the first time and had so many adventures in such a short time that those 3 weeks felt like 3 months. Tonight is the ninth full moon to rise over our mountains since the night Tulsi flew into the world. It’s all happened at light speed and yet I’ve breathed so much slower these months, soaking up every giggle and snuggle; every monumental milestone and EVERY single “Mama!” So many new moments as a mama, that I swear, in the moment, feel like they are tatooed into my being and perfectly etched into my memory. I know details will fade in time, but the essence IS changing me. I am me, different from yesterday. She’s the best thing that’s every happened to me. Patrick says the same thing.

One thing I love about being a mama is the continual change. She keeps me on my toes, alert and dancing. She’s such an appreciate soul, too, clapping at my every effort to amuse, support, and even console. And I LOVE that I get to know her better than anyone; that she looks to me to find creative solutions to each new phase of our learning and growing together.

Looking back, I’m pretty amazed, too, at everything I’ve somehow been able to accomplish during this time. Those first four months were tough! FULL ON. You just don’t know until you know. No extra time and no energy even if there was. Even though I was totally blissed out, I remember wondering, how will I ever have time for my art again? But we’ve since found our rhythm, and sleep and art and yoga have slowly found spaces in my days again. My next kid’s book is (just about) finished, and I started writing new stories. It’s fun wondering what book will come next. I haven’t made any ‘personal art’, as in just-for-me-art (except in my head), but I’ve been lucky that my books and some jobs have felt like it. Patrick and I are working every day now on finishing our book Chai Pilgrimage. We are giddy about seeing it come more to life, and excited about our adventure in self-publishing. I also recently began collaborating with two women on a “dream project” that we will pitch to publishers in the new year. I look forward to sharing several illustration projects from 2009 as soon as they are released, too. I may even be partnering with a new agent for my licensing work — fingers and toes crossed —  someone I’ve worked with and respect a ton! I hope it works out, as I think it will be a great relationship.

So much I am looking forward to in this next year!

And blogging. Yeah…I hope to do more! It’s pretty awesome, realizing the beautiful relationships I have with friends in my life who I met solely thru this creative blog community. Thanks everyone, for playing here and on your blogs.

I hope you are all enjoying the STUNNING + Magnificently powerful FULL blue moon tonight! May its magic bring you whatever it is you need. I’m going outside to soak and let go into the new year. Peace and blessings. And Happy New Year!