Hey there! We’re back! Tulsi and I took a spontaneous adventure to the ocean (3 days notice) to spend a week with my parents. It was Patrick’s idea, and I jumped at it. Ma-Time. Tulsi + me, and me + my mama… Ten days and zero distractions (work, chores, lists not getting crossed off…and the anxiety that goes along with the slow progression of each of those things.) Instead, we had abundant warm weather, great naps, awesome+long yoga sessions (!!!), 2-3 hours walking every day, lots of pool time, much-needed rest, and *priceless* amounts of grandparent attention and love.

And what a confidence booster for me, too. Sounds funny, but it’s true. Mama-confidence that is. Tulsi and I were in total sync with each other. I’d say she was super happy 99.9% of the time (the .1% being part of the 4 hr car ride to albuquerque). She communicated so clearly — I felt like I knew everything she was telling me, and vice versa. The thought crossed my mind how much easier it would be to be a full-time mama, instead of a full-time mama AND a part-to-full-time artist (during naps and late nights). But it was only a flashing thought because ideas for stories and paintings flooded my head during our long walks. Yay for fresh inspiration!

Makes me think of this page from my sketchbook from years ago…

I know that as my head was filling, so was Tulsi’s…and she talked NON-STOP about EVERYTHING she saw and experienced. She made my parents and me (and everyone we passed by) smile out loud. Her eyes were wide open and sparkling, her mouth stretched long and exaggerated, revealing her two, sweet bottom teeth, as she whispered or exclaimed every wonder into the wind. She waved at the palm tree giants, sang to the moon, reached for the birds, and patted the massive roots of Banyon trees like she does to Oso. She has given me the most amazing gift of seeing the world for the first time AGAIN. and again. and again. And I hope to keep giving her the gift of travel, which inspires me again, and again — whether it’s to the other side of the world, a road trip somewhere new, or a spontaneous trip to the ocean.

And the ocean! True Ma Time. Tulsi flapped so wildly I thought for sure she’d fly away, taking me with her! Her shrieks and giggles roared even louder than the crashing waves and powerful, whipping winds. And I swear, the ocean colored her eyes bluer. The ocean always fills me with peace, strength and delight, and she obviously had the same affect on Tulsi.

Our trip reminded me to go on adventures with Tulsi every day. I feel so refreshed and have a lot to share. More soon.