Been practicing. Surrendering that is. To time mostly. To the changes in my life since becoming a mother. With each day and night, no matter if it goes as planned or not.  To my art, in appreciation for completion, even if it took a week or more. I’m learning it’s much easier to swim along with the current. My arms get too tired trying to swim upstream. I’m seeing more and more that there are a lot of different creative ways of being.

I painted this image last week both for myself and as part of a collaborative project. I think it’s so important to make time for projects that I WANT to make happen — not just paying, contracted projects. Even when, or maybe I should say “especially when”, time is most precious.

After I typed in my last post about going on adventures, Patrick, Tulsi, Oso and I hiked down to the Rio Grande. Only a 12-minute drive across the mesa and a 20-minute hike down into the gorge, for an hour visit with a beautiful river. Total bliss, really.

Surrendering also, to the beauty and blessings that are abundant in my life. It amazes me that Tulsi gets to grow up in such beauty and nature.