Amy, a super cool and inspiring mama/urban-homesteader, posted a little interview with me today over on progressive pioneer. It’s thoughts on being a mama and artist. Thanks Amy, for the opportunity to reflect. Y’know, all this — being a mama, building a homestead, gardening (and now being farmers at the market) — we’re just learning as we go. We don’t always know what the heck we’re doing, BUT we do have good instincts and know how to trust them. And we are confident in knowing what feels right for us. We feel SO crazy blessed that we have the opportunities to live the way we do.

AND, I want to add, we are surrounded by countless “progressive pioneers” (as Amy defines it) — from history, from cultures around the world, and definitely the present (our amazing, little community here) AND so many more. Yay for that. I love my little life and everything and everyone that inspires us to keep makin it real.