Last night I soaked outside under the most magnificent sky I’ve seen in awhile. They are all amazing, for sure, but this one, mucho. It was after a peculiar, cold winter rain — an unfamiliar humidity mixed with smokey cedar air. Snow was in the forecast but not a cloud. A crystal clear, deep sky was glittered with star clusters and distant lightening flashes. Jet black giant sunflower stalks shook in the wind like those clumsy, squatty playground horsies atop fat, rusty springs. The garden lay hibernating under a foot of packed snow. 104 degree water warming me to my core. I thought, THIS is my cathedral. Without a doubt. Sacred. Expansive. The stillness, peace, and beauty that I taste in these moments I try to carry with me throughout all other moments.

We had just watched the first part of the Joseph Campbell interviews, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, recorded in the late 80s in George Lucas’ home. (still can’t believe I haven’t seen them before now!!) WOW. So interesting and Inspiring! Can’t wait to watch the rest. And Amen, JC! I am SO following ‘my BLISS’.

While I just don’t have much time to paint right now, I’m writing a lot! 3×5″ cards with scribbled story bits are filling a cigar box waiting to be stitched together. A perfect style that doesn’t intimidate me like a blank notebook. Another way of sowing seeds. They’ll also need time, attention, incubation, sunshine. They are mostly filled with ramblings and phrases like,”feathery familiar guiding a wandering, wondering, four-eyed ladybug”, that really only make sense to me. My own language. An under-drawing to who knows what. I love it.

I recently got a wild idea to host a creative retreat with a few kids’ book author/illustrator friends. It’s starting to take shape. Yay! It has already ignited a healthy, hot flame under my Polish doopa, to write some new stories. Fingers and toes crossed it manifests. It’s just what I am needing. Plus, it will be fun to share my ‘little’ cathedral with them.

Winter has been full. Spring is ‘here’, crocuses just popped thru the ground. And it’s snowing again. Pink mountains. A greenhouse vibrating with so much new life. And Tulsi is 11 months old! Wow…so much to celebrate…