We were in town all day today and were home for just a few minutes before hearing an incredible sound…walked out my studio door into the blinding, setting sun to catch a glimpse of four beautiful horses. The first two were at a slow trot; the second two were running pretty fast. Totally random? Maybe. Magical? For sure. And I just happened to have a camera on hand and clicked a photo with Tulsi in my arms pointing with the widest eyes, whispering, then yelling, “Doh!” Our hearts were both beating so fast, bouncing off each other until merging in excitement. The funny thing is, EVERY time Tulsi has ever been near horses, she’s been sound asleep! I can think of ten times at least. This was her first encounter. Up close and dream-like and just hours before her birth, one year ago.

All week I’ve been flooded with waves of emotion around her birth. The beauty, the incredible energy and mystery, the miracle, the intensity, the peace, the emergency, the fear, the separation, the LOVE…and I haven’t really known what “to do” with it all except watch it and feel it. I’ve been wondering how to honor it. It all happened in a flash. As fast as these amazing creatures raced by. And as fast as her first year in our lives. Horses symbolize power, grace, beauty, strength. How perfect an omen for her birth day and my birthing day, the day our family was born!