In between playing farmers at the market on Saturdays, building our bedroom, planting a garden, painting a new commission, and driving seven hours for a beautiful visit with an Indian Saint, we found a few days to ‘just be’ in the mountains. I know I’ve said this before, but this was my favorite birthday yet. Tulsi’s blissed-out expression above says it all. She reminds me everyday to pat the trees, squint my eyes, smile with my mouth wide open, and shake my head back and forth in pure ecstasy — and to KEEP doing it til your friend does it with you. (Cause it’s a beautiful thing to feel happy, but when you SHOW your happiness, you share it, and we all know how contagious that is!)

And to top my special day off, a surprise cold, dark beer hidden in the river, with a bouquet of wildflowers. I wished I could spend 36 MORE birthdays just like this — in the forest with my beloveds. What could be better?

PS thanks for all the sweet wishes!!!