A couple months ago, I received this incredibly beautiful book, Nurturing Walls, from a, somewhat abstract, internet friend in India (hee. I love that we live in a time that we all have these ‘friends’ out there who we’ve never met but love that they exist in space and in our lives :) ) What an amazing parcel to be gifted, right? Actually, it was one of ten or eleven beautiful books, but this one on the Mandana art of the Meena women is my absolute love. These women are true artists and create in such a unique, collaborative way. The book is a work of art, too, with their designs silk-screened on brown craft paper. Any of them could be framed…if you could possibly part with extracting them from the book. Their art is painted on clay walls and floors during festivals and the change of seasons, and is cherished in its impermanence. I think I’d prefer to paint like this, too, and let the natural elements wash and wear it away in time. I just love everything about their art. The spirit is contagious, no? I have already asked Patrick if we can visit Rajasthan during our next trip to India with the hopes of meeting some of these women, and perhaps, the slim chance of learning from them. I wonder if they sing while they paint… (Anyone out there every tracked down tribal woman of another culture to study an art form from? If yes, can you share how it came about?) In the meantime…remember that bedroom and entrance/mudroom we started building in May? We finished and now have 8 new, bare mud walls pleading to be painted with white clay paint, Mandana-inspired!!…below is one of our bedroom walls after the first coat of mud. YUM! I’ll be sure to share when I get to painting it.

Also, check out the publisher of the book, Tara Books, in Chennai, India. They have so many inspiring books!

And Joy, thanks again!! I look forward to gifting my part of our trade :)