December, warm, sunny and beautiful, and still no snow. I am confused what time of year it is! For the past several years, we have decorated one of our house plants for Christmas…a Northfolk Pine or our gigantic Ficus ‘tree’. There is no room in our house for a traditional Christmas tree, and it’s just fun to adorn a family plant. When thinking about this year, I remembered once when we had some friends housesit and coming home to one of our Aspen trees with dried fruit dangling from it’s naked branches. An edible holiday tree for our beloved bird friends! That idea just feels so perfect for us. We are bird lovers and watchers. We don’t own a tv and often sit in our window sills watching the birds and rabbits. So, we chose a very special tree outside my studio to give love to. We strung popcorn and cranberries, made molded birdseed ornaments and threaded dried apples, apricots, raisins, mangoes and papaya. We scattered seed around the trunk and hung lights. Then opened a bottle of wine and watched the birds discover it all. When the sun went down, we went in and decorated more. And can I just say the obvious? It’s so so fun celebrating holidays with a young child. Everything is new and extra exciting! Tulsi wakes up my kidself, bigtime.

We are taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and spending most of our days outside with the chickens and in the garden. And, it’s fun to nibble bites of fruit straight off the tree.