Tulsi prefers to be either naked, or dressed in at least 10 layers. Her funny smile and excitement over everything is contagious.

After a whirlwind 2 1/2 week trip to the midwest for work+holiday, we are really happy to be back in the mountains. The night we got home I was outside in below 0 degree weather, climbing stacked strawbales to check on the chickens and tuck them in for the night. I had to laugh at how much fun this was. The city was ok, but I am such a mountain girl.

And happy new year! It’s always nice to have closure and fresh starts, even if sometimes nerves and uncertainty are mixed in. I have been feeling a little discouraged at my efforts and successes/struggles with my art lately and the lack of time for it. (You’ve heard that before — it’s a rollercoaster I’m sure I’ll continue to ride for some years as a mama+artist.) Patrick did an I ching reading for me and “retreat” is the theme for me this year. I think of a lot with that word. Quiet, reflection, letting go, soaking up, refueling, learning, growing, playing, praying, following my intuition, no expectations… Thinking about this helped me to let go into this new year and be excited about whatever it brings. It helped me drop any funny, unrealistic expectations of myself that come from a place of comparing myself to others and trying to “keep up” with them. What a relief. Hee. I feel so free.

My friend Maria has been blogging for almost a year at 52 Flowers, posting a poem+painting every week “exploring the nature in human nature”. It was a challenge she gave herself but also a retreat of sorts. Check it out. Her art is so fresh and heartFULL and really inspiring to me.

I hope to blog more soon. I have so much more inspiration to share from our trip and friends and home and art. :)