I can’t believe I’ve been illustrating for children this long, and this is the FIRST princess piece I’ve ever done. Hee. The commission was to create an “exotic princess” art with a Taj-like building. My client wanted it to have a wood-cut-print sort of feel, like on fabrics from India and the Middle East. As a suggestion, they like it with this beautiful bedding (the Marina Collection). I had a lot of fun carving linoleum stamps and layering the prints over textures and collage. It was such a nice balance between hands-on-playing and digital.

Oopsy Daisy also recently licensed these two pieces for canvas reproductions. So fun! All three canvases are available in my shop. Just click on the images or go to “shop: canvas reproductions”. I love that these canvases are all produced in the US, and they are AMAZING quality. So crisp, and the color is perfectly yummy. I hope you like them!