what i’ve been doing besides blogging…

– discovering again how much i love doodling and drawing letters with odd things like icicles and food coloring, candles dipped in ink, henna, carved potato prints, lemon juice and fire, and stencils inked with ragged old ink pads

– goin’ with the energy of late nights and long naps and patrick’s super yummy chai and making major progress on the chai book…!…and holding an art raffle here.

– one, two or three fancy tea parties a day with my favorite little studiomate and fun mama-tulsi projects like sewing a kitty cat doll (see tea party pic below) when tulsi realizes no kitty cats live in our house and says we should make one

– super fun project development on two new alphabets for Oopsy Daisy

– frequent walks around the stuppa and “play” visits inside the stuppa with “Boo-daa”

– playing with our hens Frida, Frannie, Rosie and Posey (who are just so much more fun since the roosters left the scene…Roo-roo-Diego sadly gave up his life in a brave fight with a dog to save his ladies…and the second-fiddle rooster who we thought was a hen suffered from too many rooster-hormones so our neighbors cooked him up in a winter stew…we are vegetarians)

– gathering eggs daily, some still so warm, and baking quiches and fritadas and burritos and muffins and breads and cookies and french toast, and planning to paint eggs to hang from a tree in the Spring

– staring into my almost-two-year-old sweet girl’s magical eyes and following her lead — spontaneous yoga in the greenhouse, ring-around-the-rosie in the bath tub, and “fancy” band-aides from patterned fabric scraps and ribbons for countless booboo’s

– planting onion seeds and swimming thru countless seed catalogs and making garden lists in my head

– finding endless inspiration in friends like Rhett and mama bloggers like Maya

– embarking on a wild, dreamy and slightly scary ride of illustrating a tarot deck for a great publisher

– and constantly whispering “thank you” for this beautiful sweet family of mine