This week was a tough one. We all have Spring colds and felt pretty miserable. On the positive side, Tulsi and I got 24-7 snuggle time for about 5 days straight. :) Today we all began to feel a wee bit more like our normal selves. This afternoon Tulsi and I sat side by side, drawing for a big deadline tomorrow. She sensed I felt a bit cloudy and stuck, maybe because she heard me say, “this is awful. Mama can’t draw.” And she replied, “See Mama?” and proceeded to take me on a ride through one of her magical drawings.

Thanks, Tulsi. It was JUST what I needed. No fear. Don’t think. Just play.

When she was finished, I said, “WOW! Your drawing makes me so happy.” And really, I was amazed and totally inspired. And she’s just turning 2. It’s only just begun.

I went back to drawing, and as I began, Tulsi said, “WOW, MAMA! Tulsi Happy!” Click here or on the drawing to watch her demo on my Facebook page.