“Living simply isn’t necessarily simple…you strive for understanding what sacred is…”
from 23 Feet, a film by Allie Bombach

We’ve been racing against the clock, preparing a garden once again — and attempting to plant an entire year of food in a teeny window of time — and grow it within a wildly short, 90-day season. It’s been kinda crazy around here, trying to “get it all done”.

I heard this quote and related 1000 times over and feel especially grateful for sweet, simple moments like this recent one to PAUSE from the races of keeping up. An evening of letting go of all thoughts and worries and schedules. Drumming, singing, a droning didgeridoo, bird whistles, flutes, kazoos made from gourds. Bathing in dusk at a sacred site. Dancing around, within the circle of sound with Tulsi on our shoulders or in our arms. It’s good to know what is sacred to us. It keeps everything in perspective. Feeling so thankful for Patrick and Tulsi and community and family. Feels like we are in a super-period right now of creating, being challenged, learning and growing.