So while I was on the road, my editor delivered the COOOOLEST news! First, SSBD was printed in both Japanese and Korean. AND Second, SSBD went into its second printing after just 4 weeks in the U.S.! I received this photo of spreads as they came off the press in NJ — which is doubly exciting that my book is NOW being printed in the US. I have to say, the color is SO vibrant!

To celebrate, I’m signing and sending two books out from here WAY back in May (sorry, I’m late with this). The names I drew are: Kati and Jenn, who I’ll be emailing. Yay! I hope you and your sweet wee ones enjoy the book. More Same, Same but Different giveaways are happening online from now until the end of the year so keep your eyes open. :) Illustration Friday is hosting the first one here but hurry — it ends this evening (Monday).

Thanks for all of your shared excitement and support everyone!