Tulsi and I had Valentines on our minds yesterday and after making one very involved one and deciding it was “so much work”, we embarked on a little print-making play like our friends Veda and Penny. Tulsi’s Valentine is of her holding a flower (for her friends). The two circles on her body are her nipples, of course , since she is a girl. :) We transferred it to a rubber pad, and I did my best to carve her drawing. She figured out that kneeling on the stamp really helped to make great prints.

It was all fun, especially the ink pad and glittering and gluing hearts! And what an efficient way to make a lot of Valentines. I think the most fun will come when Tulsi gives them to all her friends and family, or surprises neighbors with them, accompanied with giant hugs. I haven’t “played” Valentines Day since I was little! We are excited about going to a Valentine’s Dance with Last to Know to benefit the Birth Center in Taos. Maybe we’ll bake some treats, too, or explore some of these fun ideas. How do you celebrate with your kids?