Written by Niki Dewart and Elizabeth Marglin

Children fill our lives with a host of ultimates: joy, love, wonder, meaning, and heartbreaking adorableness. But despite the huge rewards, no one (in their right mind) would call the humbling, glorious, and crazy-making rite-of-passage known as motherhood easy. We mamas are brought to our knees by the task of relentless service. But buried in the moments of our undoing lies an untapped power beckoning us to pause, reflect, and reach out. Enter The Mother’s Wisdom Deck.

We conceived The Mother’s Wisdom Deck to honor the challenging territory that motherhood encompasses. We believe a calling like mothering, which haphazardly blends the transcendent with the tedious, warrants a little extra oracular guidance. The deck meets you wherever you are on your journey—losing it or loving it—and gives you permission to call forth the wisdom within. On this path, and in this deck, everything is included: the piercing moments of surrender, wonder, and infinite gratitude.

The Mother’s Wisdom Deck offers the trail guide-cum-travel companion you may have been seeking. Riding the power of synchronicity, the deck extends exactly the right card at the right time. Ponder a subject or ask for guidance in your life, and then turn to the deck. Drawing a card can either reveal a message (like Tarot) or simply provide you with inspiration for the mothering journey. Somehow in process of asking and receiving, an evocative relationship unfolds. The subtle mirroring of within and without becomes amplified. Think of it as an intervention—of Grace.

This beautiful, nuanced kit features a full-color guidebook plus a deck of 52 cards illuminating universal symbols of empowered motherhood. Arranged into four suits—Nature Mother, Animal Mother, Ancestral Mother, and Divine Mother—the deck invokes a feminine pantheon both immediate and compelling. In both words and images, rediscover anew the lineage of mothers before you, around you, and inside of you

Sterling Ethos, May 2012 • ISBN-13: 978-1402786990

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