swimming tiger.

I don't remember at all being naked in my dream, but when I painted my dream awake, I couldn't remember what I was wearing so I didn't paint any at all. I do, however, very clearly recall walking a path on a journey of sorts. I was barefoot and could feel stones and dirt under [...]

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walking, falling leaves.

Every sunrise and sunset, Oso and I take a long walk, passing thru the Lorien Forest and the 'wedding meadow' (where Patrick and I got married). Our feet shuffle through the leaves while more keep falling from the trees. I keep wondering how my world affects the baby's world, and how they overlap in (hopefully) [...]

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3 way connection.

So, remember when I said I'd share some dream drawings? Well, here's the first installation: "3-way Connection"... It might be obvious after reading the doodle, but I have the funnest news ever to share--we're having a baby! (This would explain the past few months of blog-slackin' due to walkin' the queasy-tummy hire wire AND my [...]

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