Magic monsoons and a mystical fairy.

Hello again! While I haven't had energy to write in this space after long play+farm+work days, I did take some photos and wanted to share a glimpse of the magic that has filled our summer. For starters, this barefoot garden fairy in jammies during a golden rainbow sunset. And I have to point out the [...]

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Seed by seed.

Is it really June? Spring whizzed by and with all the travel, we found ourselves lost in the dust of garden dirt-devils and sneaky rabbits. We are usually eating out of our garden this time of the year but instead are still trying to prepare beds for transplanting starts from the greenhouse. The saving grace: [...]

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from dirt to onions.

I love that we live in a community where growing your own food is 'normal'. And growing a homestead is contagious. It's mid September, 10:30 at night, and I just finished braiding 60 onions to cure for the winter. And they are so pretty. (It reminded me of french braiding friends' hair during Latin class [...]

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make a painting.

It was market day no. 3 today! I somehow didn't take any pictures of our stand and all the plants and greens we had. Tulsi and I were too busy dancing to the live music, feeding the duck, chasing around a wee pug dog-dog riding around on the back of his owner's bike, AND making [...]

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happy earth day from two happy garden girls…

The Vegetables Today The vegetables would like to be cut By someone who is singing God's Name. How could Hafiz know Such top secret information? Because Once we were all tomatoes, Potatoes, onions or Zucchini. --Hafiz, from The Subject Tonight is Love

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dirt for everyone.

There has been something whirling around in my head for awhile now, and I'm trying to look it in the eye with some extra love rather than ignore it and retreat in defeat, avoidance, anxiousness, etc. It's something I know I'm not alone in by far. I know SO many mamas out there struggle with [...]

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