Yeah, Baby! Blue eggs!

It happened! Bluegreen eggs are in the house! Frida and Rosie, the matriarchs of our fanciful flock of 17 and steady brown-eggers themselves (pictured above), are not sure what to think quite yet. But WE are excited. For anyone who wonders if FRESH homegrown, free-range organic eggs taste different, I can attest -- it is [...]

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from dirt to onions.

I love that we live in a community where growing your own food is 'normal'. And growing a homestead is contagious. It's mid September, 10:30 at night, and I just finished braiding 60 onions to cure for the winter. And they are so pretty. (It reminded me of french braiding friends' hair during Latin class [...]

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it’s official, i’m a homesteader.

It's been the running joke in our house that we are "almost" homesteaders. And that we will be officially someday, when we get chickens. I have been asking Patrick for chickens for 3 years now but none have come. And this summer has been fuller than any to date. Two new add-ons : a bedroom [...]

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dirt for everyone.

There has been something whirling around in my head for awhile now, and I'm trying to look it in the eye with some extra love rather than ignore it and retreat in defeat, avoidance, anxiousness, etc. It's something I know I'm not alone in by far. I know SO many mamas out there struggle with [...]

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it was a green, snowy day…

One moment Tulsi and I were staring out the window at grayness, the next we were harvesting arugula for lunch. It happened! Our dome came to life!  Despite subzero nights, seeds we planted 5 weeks ago somehow grew. A miracle at 8000ft! Since we returned from the ocean, we've been eating arugula, kale, and spinach [...]

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