New Interactive Book Art! – Travel Behind-the-Scenes of my book

I just created a page "FOR KIDS" (and parents, teachers, big kids...) -- it is now in my menu above. I think it's super fun, and I hope it will inspire young authors and illustrators. At the top is an interactive page with 27 different "clicks" that shares some of my writing & art process [...]

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I want to go to School in India!

Pretty much anyone who knows me, knows I have a big heart-connection with India and Nepal. It happens pretty often that I hear a song, hear someone speaking Hindi or Nepali, or see a photograph from a close friend who is presently in India or has just returned, and I get this overwhelming urge to [...]

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Same, Same but Different: from Idea to Book

One of the most interesting things about picture books is the story behind the books -- where the seeds of ideas came from and how they grew. Unlike some tales I've heard of children's book authors who woke up from a dream in urgency to scribble down a story appearing to be a gift from [...]

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matchbox inspired spices.

When we were in India the last time, we collected discarded matchboxes on the roads. There are so many, and it's sorta like trading cards among travelers. These, along with the countless, amazing retro designs from India's past (recorded in the beautiful book, LIGHT ON INDIA by Warren Dotz), inspired me to create chai spice [...]

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Nurturing Walls.

A couple months ago, I received this incredibly beautiful book, Nurturing Walls, from a, somewhat abstract, internet friend in India (hee. I love that we live in a time that we all have these 'friends' out there who we've never met but love that they exist in space and in our lives :) ) What [...]

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transport to india.

It's easy for me to daydream, or sleepdream, of being in India again. As far away as it is, and as difficult traveling there can be, I feel so 'at home' there. I don't know exactly what it is that makes me feel that way, nor do I want to water it down by trying [...]

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mama india, wandering child – blog

Photographer (and Mama to Baby Arun) Rachel Movitz recently commissioned me to create a blog banner for her. She, her husband and baby Arun are headed back to India tomorrow for 3 months! Despite my book and other work deadlines, I snuck it into my late night schedule because I have had several dreams lately [...]

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Bhandara and harvest time.

Hi friends! I hope all is well with you. It's been awhile since I posted. Been taking a hiatus from the ol' computer and internet to focus on my book and art and garden. The weather is ultra perfect here, too. I love Fall. This weekend was the big Bhandara festival at the temple. 108 [...]

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monkey power.

I'm having fun playing with tshirt designs for the annual Bhandara festival at the Hanuman Temple here in Taos!...trying to do something different than they have in the past--a little more kid-like and playful and less serious. In Hinduism, Hanuman started off curious, naive and a bit mischievous--he also had superhero-like powers. Once he thought [...]

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a map for exploring!

I want to thank everyone for visiting our new chai site/blog! It's really sweet to share our love for these cultures in this way. In case you didn't stumble upon it, check out the map I made of our route. If you click on all the stars, images and even a video of a Baul [...]

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