May 2010

art+play space.

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Continuing the conversation about being a full-time mama and an artist...  I've thought a lot this past year about how to merge the two. It seemed strange to keep Tulsi completely separate from my art, especially since a lot of my illustration+books are kid related, and she is inspiring so many new ideas. While I [...]

February 2010

Tulsi’s Turtle.

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My dear friend Kelly Buntin Johnson beaded this beautiful umbilical turtle fetish for Tulsi. Both the turtle and her poem are a rare gift and blessing -- I had to share it! If you don't know Kelly's art, you must. It is powerful, beautiful and heart-full. Kelly told me last Spring that she wanted to [...]

January 2010

begin anywhere.

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New mama or not. Teeny pockets of time or more time than you know what to do with. Scared like crazy or feelin' brave. Bouncin' or flyin'. Exhausted or wide awake. Deadline or not. In the studio or in the kitchen. Saying you're sorry. Saying I love you. Asking for help. Consoling a baby. Writing [...]

January 2009

mid-week bits of inspiration.

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A sweet smelling bouquet of dried lavender from Guinnias at Apifera Farm. My new, favorite lotus necklace that Pamela made. (Patrick gave it to me for Christmas) My odd talent, "I can look in two directions at once", illustrated by the awesome Sarah Watts in her new comic series. Sandra's super fun horse mobile she [...]

October 2008

table top color bits and holi halloween!

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Sometimes my work table gets a little out of control, especially when I'm working on more than one job at once. I found this fun, accidental color assemblage this morning under a pile of sketches and research while cleaning up. The photo is from a tiny mountain village in Sikkim during a full moon procession [...]

wall collage.

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Hope you had a nice weekend! We spent yesterday in the garden harvesting more veggies and closing down the garden. Spread thousands of wildflower seeds all around our land and played soccer with friends. It was premo Fall weather. No choice but to be outside. And this morning I'm refreshed and back in the studio [...]

Charley Harper “in a box”.

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Patrick got me the coolest present EVER. I mean, ever-EVER: Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. He thought it would be fun inspiration for my kid's book. My reaction: Heck yeah! I'm drooling. I got goosebumps all over. We're talking over 400 pages of Charley Harper's illustrated world in full color--and oversized, 12 1/2 by 17 [...]

September 2008

picture book inspiration + folk art doodles.

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Although it was the first year and a bit low on attendance, the book festival was fun and really inspiring. Thank you to the volunteers and staff who made it a really nice day! I got to meet several talented authors and artists including Dilys Evans, author of SHOW & TELL: EXPLORING THE FINE ART [...]

August 2008

this place where you are right now.

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I hope you all had a beautiful week. I'm back from 'up top' and feel so alive and full and strong. A little exhausted and sore, too, but even that is good sensation! Ah, to refill the soul with mountain air! What a gift. Nine days, nine women, and boundless energy and positiveness. Booming and [...]

No fear.

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Patrick was in California last week and called one day to ask what he could bring me. As in, a present? I asked. Yeah, he replied. Wow, you're sweet, but I can't think of anything. Hmm, maybe a picture of the ocean..? Well, he came home last night with about 40 pictures he took for [...]