August 2008

July 2008

illustration friday.

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I want to thank Penelope over at Illustration Friday for the interview--it is such an honor. And check out the archive at IF for all the previous interviews! So, so SO much talent and insight. And thanks to so many for the kind words and for visiting my site. I hope the interview was inspiring [...]


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We have so much land excitement and home repairs going on that it's been a little hard to focus. We're sorta tackling everything at once during this short, no-snow part of the year. But soon, we'll have a beautiful little pond (orange fishies and waterfall included) and an inspiring 'outdoor livingroom'! Yeah! I thought I'd [...]

June 2008

chai pilgrimage.

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Hi my friends! I am really excited to share that we launched! YEAH! For those of you who don't know, a couple years ago, Patrick and I got this fun idea to collaborate on a book combining three things we love so much: India, Nepal and chai. I know it sounds kinda funny, but [...]

monsoon colorforms.

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Just took a day to play before diving into my next few jobs. This started from a snippet of a dream I had, but it ended up somewhere else. It sorta reminds me of colorforms. Remember those? I loved those. The story always changed depending on how you stuck the shapes to the backdrop. I [...]

tree shadows and bird giggles.

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Gosh! It seems like everything has come alive in the last few weeks--both in the garden and in our community. So many gatherings with friends, hikes, picnics, campfires. It's so beautiful and feels so good! Yesterday morning, I moved my yoga practice outside, and had a really nice sunrise session with two friends on a [...]

April 2008

7 things.

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(click to see better...) 1. When I was little, I would sit in a box and draw pictures. 2. I had a Papa Smurf Doll that I LOVED. I remember giving him hundreds of beard trimmings 'til he had a charming five o’clock shadow and little white beads snowed out. 3. My dad had this [...]

March 2008


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Patrick whisked me away from the house/studio on friday to spend a whole weekend in town. It felt great to be "on foot". Oso's nose led the way. We walked everywhere. In tall pines, down 'county roads', 'round the center of town and thru the awesome architectural 'door' place. The textures and colors were treasures. [...]

what i’m reading this week.

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I think spending was in my astrology last week, and since I obviously 'went with the stars' I'm just happy I spent my pennies wisely--on books! Oh how I love books. And oh, how I splurged! They all arrived yesterday, and I've been reading them (some several times) and looking at all the illustrations and [...]

surprises inside mailboxes.

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Wow. There is nothing like driving to the post office (on a cloudy, cold day) to sign for a SURPRISE package with a gorgeous, inspiring painting inside from a super sweet friend. You rock, Katherine! I only questioned for a split second why I was the special recipient--I was mostly giddy and big-eyed. The spirit [...]