February 2012

Calling all young explorers and artists! What colors YOUR world?

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A few months ago, I shared my new picture book, Same, Same but Different, with my long-time client Karen Capp of Oopsy Daisy Fine art for Kids. She had an idea to host a craft to connect young artists with my book and my travel-inspired Oopsy Daisy art, while encouraging children to create art about [...]

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stampin’ valentines.

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Tulsi and I had Valentines on our minds yesterday and after making one very involved one and deciding it was "so much work", we embarked on a little print-making play like our friends Veda and Penny. Tulsi's Valentine is of her holding a flower (for her friends). The two circles on her body are her [...]

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December 2011

Those 52 hours apart.

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A couple days ago, Tulsi pulled a piece of paper and a few new markers out of her "Christmas Calendar" we made together (more on this soon), and the note read, "You are an artist. Your art makes people smile. Make a picture for Nama and Tapas and mail it to them." She was SUPER [...]

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August 2011


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This is a collaboration Tulsi and I did together although I only made the left eye and mouth. She is in a phase of wanting me to paint or draw with her. She knows the word "collaboration". Ha. So I play, too, but I try not to screw up anything she has done so effortlessly. [...]

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May 2011

my flower child.

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Tulsi, I never questioned whether we gave you the "right" name or not. I always knew it was perfect. You are a rare and beautiful spirit. I see the Divine every time I look into your eyes and heart! I have treasured every moment of your first 2 years with us, watching who you are [...]

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April 2011

Look, Mama! A fun guy!

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How awesome every single "first" is. Side by side this morning drawing, Tulsi draws her way into her first "fun guy", all by herself, and shouted, "Look, Mama! A fun guy!" She laughed out loud cause it was "fun" to make, too. Don't you wish you could remember your own first "fun guy"?

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January 2011

my friend’s super inspiring mural.

By |2019-03-07T20:32:10-08:00January 12th, 2011|inspiration, kid art|

Above: Tracy McGuiness and her son Roy, at work on a mural at Roy's school in the U.K. Eight years ago when I was first in Nepal volunteering at Sunshine School, the students and I created a 60' mural in their playground on a brick wall. I didn't have any paint supplies and ALL that [...]

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August 2008

No fear.

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Patrick was in California last week and called one day to ask what he could bring me. As in, a present? I asked. Yeah, he replied. Wow, you're sweet, but I can't think of anything. Hmm, maybe a picture of the ocean..? Well, he came home last night with about 40 pictures he took for [...]

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July 2008


By |2019-03-07T20:32:16-08:00July 9th, 2008|illustration, inspiration, kid art|

We have so much land excitement and home repairs going on that it's been a little hard to focus. We're sorta tackling everything at once during this short, no-snow part of the year. But soon, we'll have a beautiful little pond (orange fishies and waterfall included) and an inspiring 'outdoor livingroom'! Yeah! I thought I'd [...]

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June 2007

art seva returns to india.

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art by Carla Sonheim I'm so excited because my good friend Lakshmi (who started Art Seva) and several volunteers are presently in India. And although I was sad not to go with them this time, Carla Sonheim (who i 'met' via email some months ago when she stumbled on my website and after reading about [...]

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