February 2012

stampin’ valentines.

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Tulsi and I had Valentines on our minds yesterday and after making one very involved one and deciding it was "so much work", we embarked on a little print-making play like our friends Veda and Penny. Tulsi's Valentine is of her holding a flower (for her friends). The two circles on her body are her [...]

December 2011

Those 52 hours apart.

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A couple days ago, Tulsi pulled a piece of paper and a few new markers out of her "Christmas Calendar" we made together (more on this soon), and the note read, "You are an artist. Your art makes people smile. Make a picture for Nama and Tapas and mail it to them." She was SUPER [...]

August 2011


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This is a collaboration Tulsi and I did together although I only made the left eye and mouth. She is in a phase of wanting me to paint or draw with her. She knows the word "collaboration". Ha. So I play, too, but I try not to screw up anything she has done so effortlessly. [...]

May 2011

my flower child.

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Tulsi, I never questioned whether we gave you the "right" name or not. I always knew it was perfect. You are a rare and beautiful spirit. I see the Divine every time I look into your eyes and heart! I have treasured every moment of your first 2 years with us, watching who you are [...]

April 2011

Look, Mama! A fun guy!

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How awesome every single "first" is. Side by side this morning drawing, Tulsi draws her way into her first "fun guy", all by herself, and shouted, "Look, Mama! A fun guy!" She laughed out loud cause it was "fun" to make, too. Don't you wish you could remember your own first "fun guy"?

January 2011

my friend’s super inspiring mural.

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Above: Tracy McGuiness and her son Roy, at work on a mural at Roy's school in the U.K. Eight years ago when I was first in Nepal volunteering at Sunshine School, the students and I created a 60' mural in their playground on a brick wall. I didn't have any paint supplies and ALL that [...]

August 2008

No fear.

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Patrick was in California last week and called one day to ask what he could bring me. As in, a present? I asked. Yeah, he replied. Wow, you're sweet, but I can't think of anything. Hmm, maybe a picture of the ocean..? Well, he came home last night with about 40 pictures he took for [...]

July 2008


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We have so much land excitement and home repairs going on that it's been a little hard to focus. We're sorta tackling everything at once during this short, no-snow part of the year. But soon, we'll have a beautiful little pond (orange fishies and waterfall included) and an inspiring 'outdoor livingroom'! Yeah! I thought I'd [...]

June 2007

art seva returns to india.

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art by Carla Sonheim I'm so excited because my good friend Lakshmi (who started Art Seva) and several volunteers are presently in India. And although I was sad not to go with them this time, Carla Sonheim (who i 'met' via email some months ago when she stumbled on my website and after reading about [...]

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