April 2007

butterfly paintings.

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I finally finished this series of paintings for Oopsydaisy Fine Art for Kids, a commission that has slowly come to life over the past 4 months. In different cultures, the butterfly symbolizes the soul, bliss, change and joy. It's funny, but the more I paint, the more I notice there is some obvious energy working [...]

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March 2007

art seva.

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Art Seva is preparing for its next journey to India in June/July, 2007! The group will be returning to two orphanages in the Sacred towns of Hardivar and Rishikesh situated on the holy Ganges River in Northern India. If you aren't familiar with Art Seva, please see this previous posting. Art Seva invites Youth Volunteers [...]

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puzzles, melamine, lunchboxes, & more…

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These are some new products of mine at Crocodile Creek. It took me forever to decide WHICH butterflies to paint--once I started researching, I fell in love with all of them. I had to narrow my choices down from around 100 to only 9! I painted the 'butterflies of the world' in acrylics and the [...]

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February 2007

sunshine school. bhaktapur, nepal.

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Last year, during our travels, Patrick and I revisited Sunshine School and the Dhakal family in Bhaktapur, Nepal, a peaceful village located about 1 hour from Kathmandu. In 2002, I lived with the Dhakals and was a volunteer English teacher for their school. When I first arrived in 2002, I remember feeling overwhelmed at "how" [...]

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