June 2010

May 2010

art+play space.

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Continuing the conversation about being a full-time mama and an artist...  I've thought a lot this past year about how to merge the two. It seemed strange to keep Tulsi completely separate from my art, especially since a lot of my illustration+books are kid related, and she is inspiring so many new ideas. While I [...]

April 2010

Who Does She Think She Is, Oh My.

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I wrote that last post not knowing if I'd delete it or edit it down into just the positives. I'm a pretty private person on certain levels so I tend to share some things and not others. But I'm so glad I shared that -- the part about feeling the rough spots of searching (and [...]

one year ago, right now…

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We were in town all day today and were home for just a few minutes before hearing an incredible sound...walked out my studio door into the blinding, setting sun to catch a glimpse of four beautiful horses. The first two were at a slow trot; the second two were running pretty fast. Totally random? Maybe. [...]

March 2010

eyes for flowers.

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I've lost count of how many things Tulsi has taught me in such a short time. Seeing a whole other world in fuzz balls of an old, beat-up rug, is just one of them.

February 2010

a little interview on progressive pioneer…

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Amy, a super cool and inspiring mama/urban-homesteader, posted a little interview with me today over on progressive pioneer. It's thoughts on being a mama and artist. Thanks Amy, for the opportunity to reflect. Y'know, all this -- being a mama, building a homestead, gardening (and now being farmers at the market) -- we're just learning [...]


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Been practicing. Surrendering that is. To time mostly. To the changes in my life since becoming a mother. With each day and night, no matter if it goes as planned or not.  To my art, in appreciation for completion, even if it took a week or more. I'm learning it's much easier to swim along [...]

Ma Time.

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Hey there! We're back! Tulsi and I took a spontaneous adventure to the ocean (3 days notice) to spend a week with my parents. It was Patrick's idea, and I jumped at it. Ma-Time. Tulsi + me, and me + my mama... Ten days and zero distractions (work, chores, lists not getting crossed off...and the [...]