sushi+pomegranate seeds.

We gathered at our friends' warm-n-toasty earthship on the mesa for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner of special veggie sushi (rolled with rice and pomegranate seeds), ginger-lemon-miso soup, and spiced pumpkin pie, cheese cake and chai. Our community here is a rare one, and I'm grateful for them. We got home around midnight, made our first [...]

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have you clilmbed a tree lately?

i'm in the midst of giving my studio a "make-over" with new flatfiles (amen! i've always wanted some) and going thru everything-- throwing stuff out and giving stuff away and SIMPLIFYING (oh it feels so good). oso took me for a nice walk in the woods when i needed a break, and we climbed a [...]

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potato farmer am i.

"Do anything. Work in a potato field...but if you do work in a field, do not fail to observe the look and feel of earth and all things you handle--yes, even potatoes!" --Ben Shahn I always giggled at the line about working in a potato field, but now I'm livin' it! I just dug up [...]

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a creative town-day.

It is a sleeeeeepy kinda day here. I'm sleepy. The sun is sleepy. Even the clouds can't wake up and move off the mountains. It's looking like winter here out the window to the east, but out west it's a blue sky and sunshine. What a funny kinda day.I had such a great day yesterday. [...]

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holi cows.

We met this man on a dusty road in Chitrakoot, India. I think he overheard us telling some kids how much we loved cows so he ran to us, rambled something in Hindi about his cows and then waved at us (literally, he kept waving) and led us to a building and downstairs to a [...]

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my sacred life project: day 1

I love love love Fall in the mountains. The Aspens' golden leaves are like flags waving for everyone to walk in the mountains and visit them once more before the big snows come. Aspen trees are the coolest and sweetest of trees. When the wind blows, their leaves sound like a baby's rattle...or one of [...]

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