December 2009

August 2009

Lucy and me.

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It's not every day you feel like a rockstar. In fact, I think this is the only time in my 35 years I've felt like one, and it's all because of a SUPA groovy 5 year old named Lucy. Last month, her family was going on a cross country road trip, and she asked her [...]

June 2009

jenny sue on the radio

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Connie Gotsch of the radio show Write On Four Corners here in the SW interviewed me last September about my first book, My Travelin' Eye. It was finally broadcasted today! I was super nervous and had major morning sickness goin' on when she I was a bit clumsy with my words at first...but I [...]

September 2008

New Mexico Women Authors’ Book Festival

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Hey there! Sorry for the lack of creative posts lately--I've been consumed with some great new projects, as well as my next book. All is really awesome though! I love Fall. The aspens have formed lemon rivers streaming down the mountains, the oaks are pumpkin-burgandy, the cottonwoods are mustardY, and the junipers are filled with [...]

August 2008

May 2008

April 2008

my travelin’ eye book party!

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Picture a beautiful day, all sunny and warm with fresh snow frosting the mountain tops. You are surrounded by so many people (both familiar and new) smiling and laughing and coloring--all sharing in a dream of yours come-true. What could possibly be better? You feel so supported and loved and simply, HAPPY. If you can [...]

book fun at TWIRLhouse on Saturday!

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If you're in or near Taos, New Mexico this Saturday, April 12th, come join me at Twirl Toystore & Kidspace from 11am - 12pm for a My Travelin' Eye release party. Twirl is the coolest place, imagined up by 5 moms and 8 kids. (Thanks for your support, Twirl!) It'll be one hour of pure [...]