Same, Same but Different: from Idea to Book

One of the most interesting things about picture books is the story behind the books -- where the seeds of ideas came from and how they grew. Unlike some tales I've heard of children's book authors who woke up from a dream in urgency to scribble down a story appearing to be a gift from [...]

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a map for exploring!

I want to thank everyone for visiting our new chai site/blog! It's really sweet to share our love for these cultures in this way. In case you didn't stumble upon it, check out the map I made of our route. If you click on all the stars, images and even a video of a Baul [...]

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chai pilgrimage.

Hi my friends! I am really excited to share that we launched! YEAH! For those of you who don't know, a couple years ago, Patrick and I got this fun idea to collaborate on a book combining three things we love so much: India, Nepal and chai. I know it sounds kinda funny, but [...]

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tree shadows and bird giggles.

Gosh! It seems like everything has come alive in the last few weeks--both in the garden and in our community. So many gatherings with friends, hikes, picnics, campfires. It's so beautiful and feels so good! Yesterday morning, I moved my yoga practice outside, and had a really nice sunrise session with two friends on a [...]

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bouncin’ into the unknown.

It was fun to read all the comments on the eject post-it-note post. Seems like some of you have been in that same place before, and others are maybe standing there present moment. A friend (who is maybe standing some place in between, or rather staring at her eject button from a distance but not [...]

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I took my Nepali language book off the shelf yesterday just for fun and to remind myself of what I know (somewhere deep in the back of my brain). When I opened it, I found this inside: If case you can't tell, that's a post-it note with a drawing of an eject button on it. [...]

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Kukur Pooja!

Today is Kukur Pooja--A day to honor your dog! (Thanks for reminding me, Surya) In Nepal, they give dogs special tika (blessing with red powder on 3rd eye), a garland of marigolds (see Oso the dog to your left), and of course, special sweet treats. SO! celebrate kukur pooja today and take your pooch for [...]

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red temple landscape.

42 x 28 inches, mixed media on canvas This is a new piece I did last week. It's less abstract obviously, but I like it. I thought a lot about places I traveled to in India and dreams I've had. It's much different than after the first day I worked on it. It seemed too [...]

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color inspiration.

I LOVE color. I mean, who doesn't? I still remember the first time I saw just how much color was in shadows, in a face, or in clouds. Sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing with it, but I always know when it feels 'just right'. I love layering transparent colors to create new [...]

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snowman appears in nepal out of thin air.

"It was after 62 yrs that the Kathmandu valley welcomed snow..." --an excerpt from an email i received last week (feb 07) from Surya, my friend and former student at Sunshine School in Bhaktapur, Nepal where he now teaches "There weren't any prejudgements--they say it was due to the western wind from Pakistan that embraced [...]

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