my cardstore is OPEN!

Fun news! My cardstore is open! Over 50 designs for special occasions, or no occasion at all -- AND, more to come. I've received samples of my Cardstore designs and am so impressed with the quality and color. They are really beautiful. When you place your order, you have the option to personalize the cards [...]

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chai pilgrimage.

Hi my friends! I am really excited to share that we launched! YEAH! For those of you who don't know, a couple years ago, Patrick and I got this fun idea to collaborate on a book combining three things we love so much: India, Nepal and chai. I know it sounds kinda funny, but [...]

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piñata head.

OK, I swear I didn't suggest this! After I left Spring Lake Magnet (my sister Renee's school in Omaha, Nebraska), a group of 2nd graders made a "Jenny Sue" piñata head (equipped with googly eyes) for Fiesta Night. [...]

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home sweet home.

10 days away from home, and one can get a little bit disoriented. At least for me, 10 days away from the mountains makes me dizzy. I had an awesome trip, [...]

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Patrick whisked me away from the house/studio on friday to spend a whole weekend in town. It felt great to be "on foot". Oso's nose led the way. We walked everywhere. In tall pines, down 'county roads', 'round the center of town and thru the awesome architectural 'door' place. The textures and colors were treasures. [...]

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women’s creative backbacking retreat

Sorry to exclude my brothers out there. This is for sisters only. Maybe next time. I know y'all are itchin' for summer time and sleeping under the stars and breathing some fresh mountain air. Well, at least I am. I'm dreaming of doing yoga barefoot in an open meadow, sitting in prayer in front of [...]

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