this journey.

Photo above by (I think) Edouard Boubat from Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art, and Tarot, by Vicki Noble (AWESOME) The past two weeks I've gotten even less sleep than usual, and I've felt more alive. Wild, huh? And I feel really happy, in a different way than my usual giddy-cause-I'm-Tulsi's-mama-kind-of-way. All [...]

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self publishing.

We had our "last" winter snowstorm yesterday, and today is sunny and snow covered and magical! I just finished this collage of the Taj Mahal for our chai book that we are self-publishing. I'm trying to catch up with Patrick, who is ahead on the writing, but it's challenging with life right now. I'm trying [...]

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Been practicing. Surrendering that is. To time mostly. To the changes in my life since becoming a mother. With each day and night, no matter if it goes as planned or not.  To my art, in appreciation for completion, even if it took a week or more. I'm learning it's much easier to swim along [...]

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randevu options.

It's been snowing non-stop. Went for a long walk this morning 'round the hood and thru the woods, Oso paving the way, crows flying and cawing overhead. The Sangres looked so mysterious, so Himalaya-esque. I just love that. I've been a little distracted the past few days scheming with Patrick for a randevu somewhere, an [...]

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first prints.

I had my second class today. It's addictive! Mysterious, meditative and fun, too. I've always wanted to study printmaking, and I'm in love with the medium and process as much as, if not more than, I thought I would. The top monoprint is the one I made last week. I was playing with textures and [...]

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jackson, wy show pics

Below are a few pictures from the show... (my paintings) (katherine dunn's work is on the left wall, mine is on the right) (katherine dunn's paintings) I have just a small moment this morning to post these photos from the show in Jackson, WY. It was GREAT. The opening was a bit slow, but I [...]

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new work: LMC Gallery

mixed media on wood, each box is 4 1/4 x 6 1/5 inches Whew! I'm finished! These small collages are the final installment for my show at the Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY. The opening is this Friday, August 3rd, from 5-7 pm. I'm showing with Katherine Dunn, an amazing painter and [...]

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taking flight.

mixed media on wood 11 x 14 inches Just sent off 10 paintings for my show in Jackson, including this recent piece. Such a relief! I feel MUCH less stressed than I have been for prior shows. I'll have about 16 pieces in total, and as always, I'll be working up til the buzzer rings. [...]

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red temple landscape.

42 x 28 inches, mixed media on canvas This is a new piece I did last week. It's less abstract obviously, but I like it. I thought a lot about places I traveled to in India and dreams I've had. It's much different than after the first day I worked on it. It seemed too [...]

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a new painting.

mixed media on canvas, 3 x 3 feet Here is my most recent painting. I like painting on wood panels, so I tried just tacking a canvas to the wall, to have that hard, flat backing. That way, I could still be rough with it and not get line marks from stretcher bars. This piece [...]

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