one year ago, right now…

We were in town all day today and were home for just a few minutes before hearing an incredible sound...walked out my studio door into the blinding, setting sun to catch a glimpse of four beautiful horses. The first two were at a slow trot; the second two were running pretty fast. Totally random? Maybe. [...]

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thank you…

I just wanted to say thanks for the comments and emails from Tulsi's birth story post. They mean a lot to me. It took some courage to share such an intimate experience on my blog, but I'm glad I was life changing for me and not to share it would have felt like I [...]

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Tulsi’s birth story.

Dear sweet little Tulsi Ma, this is the story of your birth. It is by far the most sacred experience I've ever known. love, Mama It was April 8th. My contractions started around 2 am and slowly picked up pace throughout the morning and afternoon. We spent most the day in town wondering if you [...]

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henna belly

during our last birthing class, a woman was in labor at the center and one of my midwives invited us to sit in the back living room to "just take it all in". the woman in labor was in a closed room 10 ft away and said it was fine with her for us to [...]

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a showering of baby blessings.

click to zoom dear sweet one inside, i have been wanting to write you a letter for months now but didn't know what to say. i want to give you a glimpse of how loved you are -- even before you are born -- if my words can do this. a group of very dear [...]

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37.5 weeks: nesting, birthing and lifelines…

It's been longer than I thought since I last posted. Seems I'm in one of those time warps of a soon-to-be-a-mama-surreal-reality and a painting-all-day-and-night-in-hopes-of-finishing-my-book-before-going-into-labor-fantasy. Ha. We shall see. Babies have agendas of their own. Yesterday my midwife mentioned that sometimes a sign that you'll go into labor soon is feeling really watery. Uh-oh, I responded. [...]

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one day…

I found this strip of paper in a box of "India stuff"'s part of a child's school notebook with the remainder of the sentence(s) torn off. Probably something I found on the street or maybe the wrapper to some small treasure I bought from one of those tip-top service centers. It's amazing how 'one day' [...]

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33 weeks.

So much to say and nothing to say. When I was a kid, I remember being embarrassed by my shadow, but now I'm in awe.

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floating downstream.

Time has been passing by so quickly lately. Thus, the lack of blogging. Feels like I'm on a boat ride in a swift current on the Ganges, feasting on every color and shape and sound, but I can't freeze a single moment. Everything just mooshes together into a certain vibrancy; a feeling. I worked around [...]

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