I had some time today to work on this print. It's an image I've done before and one that finds its way into my head quite often. It has to do with watching thoughts (or times in our life, or even lifetimes) as they go around and around before us; how we'll continue to experience [...]

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creative renewal.

After 2-plus solid weeks of cutting, collaging, doodling, painting, scanning (and really tired eyes), my world map is complete. (big sigh.) BOY, that was a marathon! It will be released in the Spring as a canvas reproduction, but no peaking til then...Despite being totally drained, I drug myself to play (that sounds so funny) in [...]

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a creative town-day.

It is a sleeeeeepy kinda day here. I'm sleepy. The sun is sleepy. Even the clouds can't wake up and move off the mountains. It's looking like winter here out the window to the east, but out west it's a blue sky and sunshine. What a funny kinda day.I had such a great day yesterday. [...]

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juggler extraordinaire.

I want to explore monoprints more in my illustration work. This one is collage and drawing on top of a monoprint.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm,the posibilities areendless...There's something about taking a class orplaying in a new medium(or any sort of creative renewal)that inspires me in a way thats p i l ls&s - p - r - e - [...]

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taking time.

10x10 inches, monoprint 2 platesI feel like I've been reexamining what I want lately (with my art) and so I've had some priority shifts. I have been focusing my energy more on personal projects--my books and stories, my gallery, illustration work I feel passionate about, and last but not least, personal growth. After four weeks [...]

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first prints.

I had my second class today. It's addictive! Mysterious, meditative and fun, too. I've always wanted to study printmaking, and I'm in love with the medium and process as much as, if not more than, I thought I would. The top monoprint is the one I made last week. I was playing with textures and [...]

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