I thought some might be interested in this process… I first thought of the idea for My Travelin’ Eye one day while looking at my baby picture taken on the day I was born. My right eye was gazing straight at the camera, and my left eye was looking off to the right. What was I looking at? I’ve heard that question so many times throughout my life. It has a mind of its own, I say. [...]

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This annual report was commissioned by Hillside Family Agency in Rochester, NY. I worked with designer/art director, Dona Bagley, and her creative team at Adams Communications. The format was a 2-sided poster. They wanted the conept to emphasize the already-proven successes of their programs, tying in the saying, "Believing is seeing." They also wanted the [...]

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Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids commissioned a world map in my poster-fabric-stitched style. The map size would be printed roughly 3x4 feet and as a larger mural. The client wanted it to have the same learning emphasis as the ABC's, sharing cultures, animals+plant life, traditions, food, sports, landmarks, history, etc--all with kid-spirit in mind. [...]

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These are a few illustrations I did for my portfolio--inspired by Illustration Friday. If you are generating new portfolio pieces or just have time to experiment, IF is a great exercise for your brain. I like to start with words that spread ideas like webs, and Images naturally follow. When I do sketches for clients, [...]

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I had some time today to work on this print. It's an image I've done before and one that finds its way into my head quite often. It has to do with watching thoughts (or times in our life, or even lifetimes) as they go around and around before us; how we'll continue to experience [...]

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(this is a small sampling of some of my collage papers.) Penelope asked recently what kinds of papers I use for collage material. If you could visit my small studio, you'd notice the clutter of huge mounds of paper scraps...much like Cookie Monster's dream when everything he touched turned to a pile of cookies. Alongside [...]

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