Charley Harper “in a box”.

Patrick got me the coolest present EVER. I mean, ever-EVER: Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. He thought it would be fun inspiration for my kid's book. My reaction: Heck yeah! I'm drooling. I got goosebumps all over. We're talking over 400 pages of Charley Harper's illustrated world in full color--and oversized, 12 1/2 by 17 [...]

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what i’m reading this week.

I think spending was in my astrology last week, and since I obviously 'went with the stars' I'm just happy I spent my pennies wisely--on books! Oh how I love books. And oh, how I splurged! They all arrived yesterday, and I've been reading them (some several times) and looking at all the illustrations and [...]

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sneak peak.

oso the wonder dog is beside himself with excitement as he gets the first peak. the rest of you will have to wait til April Fools' Day to see him in his debut. hee hee.

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surprises inside mailboxes.

Wow. There is nothing like driving to the post office (on a cloudy, cold day) to sign for a SURPRISE package with a gorgeous, inspiring painting inside from a super sweet friend. You rock, Katherine! I only questioned for a split second why I was the special recipient--I was mostly giddy and big-eyed. The spirit [...]

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the little red fish

I just added Taeeum Yoo's "the little red fish" to my library. It's my new favorite. Magical, innocent and sweet with stunning art. I love it. It's a MUST-have.

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Charley Harper.

A student at the Illustration Academy just turned me on to this brand new book on Charley Harper. (thanks, Rob!) Oh, excited am I! It's a gem no doubt. Looks like it isn't released yet, but it should be this month with AMMO Books. So, I'm back from the Academy, but I wish was [...]

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I often go to the bookstore and sit down in the children's section with a stack of books to read. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes two. Searching. I'm always looking for stories that affect me on a deeper level. This sounds serious, but the stories don't have to be serious, just real. This is my [...]

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