April 2009

a happy Jenny Sue!

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A little fun-n-surprising news! My Travelin' Eye is on the CCBC Choices list -- the Cooperative Children's Book Center annual best-of-the-year list! Check out the many other great books on their list, including my friend Betsy Snyder's Haiku Baby. Also, Sherry Artemenko, a speech language pathologist at playonwords.com, wrote a really nice review of MTE. [...]

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April 2008

my travelin’ eye book party!

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Picture a beautiful day, all sunny and warm with fresh snow frosting the mountain tops. You are surrounded by so many people (both familiar and new) smiling and laughing and coloring--all sharing in a dream of yours come-true. What could possibly be better? You feel so supported and loved and simply, HAPPY. If you can [...]