(this is a small sampling of some of my collage papers.) Penelope asked recently what kinds of papers I use for collage material. If you could visit my small studio, you'd notice the clutter of huge mounds of paper scraps...much like Cookie Monster's dream when everything he touched turned to a pile of cookies. Alongside [...]

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back and forth and everywhere inbetween.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly going back and forth (wherever those 2 places are)? For me, my studio to the stove (to make tea) and back to my studio, with and occasional, to-the-bathroom-and-back. Yes, I will argue with most saying that I have the best job in the world (freelance illustrator/artist), free [...]

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We moved! (ok, so it's been over a year, but i've been busy!) It is going to take awhile before my website is updated fully, but in the mean time, come visit me in my new studio. If you live nowhere near New Mexico, then just click on my studio above, and you will be [...]

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