academy student work.

**new work added on 7.24.07 student work: Pinocchio These are some of the Illustration Academy students' final pieces. The assignment was to illustrate a double page spread for Ch 3 of Pinocchio. I think it was a challenging assignment for many of them, although you wouldn't know it by seeing their finishes. Amazing work, eh?! [...]

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back from the illustration academy.

George Pratt's Demo July 6th Tomorrow is my last day at the Academy. It's 2:20 AM. Just got back to the "mansion" with the huge mango tree in the backyard stocked with large, green mangoes. What a tease. If they were ripe, I'd eat 3 of them right now. My stomach is growling, and although [...]

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Charley Harper.

A student at the Illustration Academy just turned me on to this brand new book on Charley Harper. (thanks, Rob!) Oh, excited am I! It's a gem no doubt. Looks like it isn't released yet, but it should be this month with AMMO Books. So, I'm back from the Academy, but I wish was [...]

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off to the academy…

(above drawing by Mark English) I've had a bit of cabin fever the past couple months, hiding out in my studio painting. The solitude is nice at times, but it's important to keep the scales balanced. To avoid becoming a complete introvert, I'm heading to Sarasota, Florida on Monday for the week. Why would I [...]

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