ONE year old.

Wow. I never knew how much FIRST birthdays meant for the parents... What an awesome celebration of so many magical moments. And so many 'firsts'. Thank you for ALL the sweet birthday wishes and for your support since Tulsi was born (and since I learned I was pregnant)! She has colored our world in the [...]

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Tulsi’s Turtle.

My dear friend Kelly Buntin Johnson beaded this beautiful umbilical turtle fetish for Tulsi. Both the turtle and her poem are a rare gift and blessing -- I had to share it! If you don't know Kelly's art, you must. It is powerful, beautiful and heart-full. Kelly told me last Spring that she wanted to [...]

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Ma Time.

Hey there! We're back! Tulsi and I took a spontaneous adventure to the ocean (3 days notice) to spend a week with my parents. It was Patrick's idea, and I jumped at it. Ma-Time. Tulsi + me, and me + my mama... Ten days and zero distractions (work, chores, lists not getting crossed off...and the [...]

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little bird.

it's such an awesome, sweet, beautiful miracle how these shadows gave birth to the one above...

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in just 5 moons time…

You are 5 1/2 months old now and the light of my life! Your papa's, too, of course. You are strong and healthy -- now 14+ pounds and 26 inches long! You are really content and as sweet as your photo captures. Ok, even sweeter. If it was up to you, you'd be outside 100% [...]

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the magic realm.

Tulsi is reminding me constantly that magic is everywhere. Tree spirits, flying horses, twirling god's eyes, dangling doily paper cut-outs, curtains dancing in open windows before a storm, bird shadows, rain music, and the list goes on. I've heard many times before how your children help you see the world again as if for the [...]

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Advice for Tulsi’s Mom (from Mrs. Creech’s first grade class)

I got the coolest belated first mother's day gift in the mail last week : a one of a kind book entitled, "The Mom Book: Advice for Tulsi's Mom", written and illustrated by my niece Katie and her classmates. I was shocked! It's the best thing to get home made presents, and this one goes [...]

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