women’s creative backbacking retreat

Sorry to exclude my brothers out there. This is for sisters only. Maybe next time. I know y'all are itchin' for summer time and sleeping under the stars and breathing some fresh mountain air. Well, at least I am. I'm dreaming of doing yoga barefoot in an open meadow, sitting in prayer in front of [...]

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playtime for me

I feel like my world has been spinning since I went to Jackson. It was a wise decision to plan my August with two full weeks of vacation after my show and workshop--knowing I would need it and deserve it--and it worked out great. I frolicked in the mountains, saw a couple hundred shooting stars, [...]

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storytelling workshop & a little play

Ah! Hello again. Boy, I feel a little 'out of shape' with this blogging thing... Before too much time passes, I wanted to share a little about the workshop I taught recently in Jackson, WY. It was awesome--a wonderful group of artists, a super fun project, and a great facility. I have to admit that [...]

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off to the academy…

(above drawing by Mark English) I've had a bit of cabin fever the past couple months, hiding out in my studio painting. The solitude is nice at times, but it's important to keep the scales balanced. To avoid becoming a complete introvert, I'm heading to Sarasota, Florida on Monday for the week. Why would I [...]

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