Seed by seed.

Is it really June? Spring whizzed by and with all the travel, we found ourselves lost in the dust of garden dirt-devils and sneaky rabbits. We are usually eating out of our garden this time of the year but instead are still trying to prepare beds for transplanting starts from the greenhouse. The saving grace: [...]

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Hattiesburg on my mind.

This morning Tulsi whispered in my ear, “Pssssst, let’s go for a ride on a butterfly.” “Let’s,” I replied. In case you didn’t already know, you know now who keeps me in check. And busy. There is much I want to share from the past couple months! Where to begin? I'll start with Hattiesburg, Mississippi...I [...]

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The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

Last year at this time, I was standing at a journey's beginning, taking deep breath after deep breath, and contending with doubts, "Can I do this? Can I uphold the integrity of the oracle so beautifully brought to life by the authors? I can think of several other mama artists who could do this better. [...]

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Same, Same but Different & the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award!

OH Wow! It has been an ongoing joke in our house that Tulsi says, "Mama, your books have no Caldecott Medals, but someday you'll get a sticker!" I smile and give her sweet head a kiss. Well, I am beyond excited to share some news -- The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation awarded me the Ezra [...]

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snowday. springday. snowday. springday.

I'm loving the consistency of changing mountain weather and how it keeps us spontaneous. Friday called for a snowy walk near the silent Rio Grande goddess. L-O-V-E! Saturday brought more Spring chicken dances, tropical greenhouse creations, and snuggles galore. And on Sunday came a temple visit colored with music, community, purple bulbs peeking out of [...]

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M.A.P.P. Gathering, WOW!

Last week I came upon The M.A.P.P. Gathering, an incredible, growing ocean of mamas, coming together to relate and share, encourage and ignite each others' flames. The Gathering is a series of interviews with some amazing, wise, gentle, BRIGHT soul-mamas who are all wholly passionate about their mothering AND their "work": Brene Brown, PhD, Jennifer [...]

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New Interactive Book Art! – Travel Behind-the-Scenes of my book

I just created a page "FOR KIDS" (and parents, teachers, big kids...) -- it is now in my menu above. I think it's super fun, and I hope it will inspire young authors and illustrators. At the top is an interactive page with 27 different "clicks" that shares some of my writing & art process [...]

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Audio & Video from SSBD Interactive Art.

These are a few videos from my travels in India and Nepal: Mata Prasad is spinning clay cups without any electricity! Do you recognize this game? Two girls at Sunshine School are playing "Jacks" with rocks... My Indian "sister" Didi is dressing me in a saree... AND, I thought I'd read you a journal entry [...]

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Postcards from India

These postcard treasures began arriving recently for Tulsi (my daughter) from her dear friend Daya (who spends most of her time in India). We love these pictures and Daya's messages so much, and I thought you would enjoy them, too! Have you received any postcards from another country? If you'd like to share, send a [...]

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