16 02, 2012

Calling all young explorers and artists! A CONTEST!

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  by Tulsi Shaw and Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw Tulsi In our world, 3 baby chicks are riding on their mama's back or hiding under her wings. Little Red Rooster is singing, we are dancing outside in our garden, and the Milky Way shines right over our house. A few months ago, I shared my new [...]

11 02, 2012

stampin’ valentines.

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Tulsi and I had Valentines on our minds yesterday and after making one very involved one and deciding it was "so much work", we embarked on a little print-making play like our friends Veda and Penny. Tulsi's Valentine is of her holding a flower (for her friends). The two circles on her body are her [...]

7 01, 2012


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Patrick woke me up this morning whispering, "Jenny, go outside into the tub and watch the sunrise. It's amazing." This is a glimpse of that beauty -- as much as my camera could take in. Upon stepping outside, fifteen hens came speed-waddling down the mud-frozen garden trail to give a cheerful "good morning" and Little [...]

7 12, 2011

Those 52 hours apart.

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A couple days ago, Tulsi pulled a piece of paper and a few new markers out of her "Christmas Calendar" we made together (more on this soon), and the note read, "You are an artist. Your art makes people smile. Make a picture for Nama and Tapas and mail it to them." She was SUPER [...]

4 12, 2011

3 new Archival Prints added to my shop!

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These are 3 of 52 paintings I created this Summer for The Mother's Wisdom Deck, due out May 2012. For those of you who have not finished your holiday shopping and creating, I just added 3 new archival prints to my shop: Tree of Life, Surrender, and Mother Ocean. Each one is printed on beautiful archival [...]

29 11, 2011

SSBD Reprint!

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So while I was on the road, my editor delivered the COOOOLEST news! First, SSBD was printed in both Japanese and Korean. AND Second, SSBD went into its second printing after just 4 weeks in the U.S.! I received this photo of spreads as they came off the press in NJ -- which is doubly [...]

28 11, 2011

booktour highlights, fun news and book giveaway winners!

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Brace yourself, my book tour was long and so is this post. (But fun!) In a little over a month, I read at ten bookstores and libraries, gave 17 school presentations and 4 skype sessions, and I think it went great. I planned the events myself, and most of the school visits were arranged by [...]

12 11, 2011

Yeah, Baby! Blue eggs!

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It happened! Bluegreen eggs are in the house! Frida and Rosie, the matriarchs of our fanciful flock of 17 and steady brown-eggers themselves (pictured above), are not sure what to think quite yet. But WE are excited. For anyone who wonders if FRESH homegrown, free-range organic eggs taste different, I can attest -- it is [...]

10 11, 2011


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A sweet morning walk in the snow. Tulsi leading the way. Sticks and snow-doodles, snowbows and glitter. Climbing up snow mountains and sliding down the other side. And at some point, I said "This reminds me of a book!" And Tulsi yelled back from up ahead, "A Snowy Day!" and picked up a clump of [...]